Hi lovely Lili’s


We are so glad you found us. We warmly welcome you to our exclusive network. 

Our company was set up by 2 eco warriors and long time besties Julie and Domenica. 

We regularly look at the beautiful evening dresses we own but can’t bear to throw away after just one wear and wondered, what can we do to reduce our waste, get out of this fast fashion cycle and clear some space too in our wardrobe? We fired up our old marketing brains over a few cocktails and realised heck, we borrow each other’s stuff all the time, so why can’t that be the concept? Thus Lili (love it, loan it!) was born!

We have a wide variety of beautiful evening dresses, bags and accessories for every occasion already between us but the thing is, why should we have all the fun when you can make money too! We figured, who could possibly turn down the opportunity to make additional revenue on luxury items that you already own? 

We don’t just lend out your items on our platform, they all get the full stylised treatment and care package. We market them for you too through social media and email newsletters and the exciting bit is that it doesn’t actually cost you a penny to join as a lender. 

We have big plans to rapidly expand into other areas soon, but for now we are focusing our service on you special Hertfordshire Lili’s by offering completely free browsing access (there will eventually be membership packages available). All we ask in return is to please help us refine our offering by giving us your valued feedback. We really need to hear all your views, ideas and comments. Also by keeping our service local, we are reducing our carbon footprint and doing our bit for the planet.

We have some amazing exclusive lenders coming up on our platform who are located in Hertfordshire, so keep an eye on our blog for special features as we introduce them. We support the Ethical Fashion forum and #whomadeyourclothes movement, and OUR MISSION is to slow down fashion waste.

Who are we?

Julie has a BA honours in marketing and advertising, works in media broadcasting and lives between St. Albans and Harpenden. She also owns her own local luxury bespoke tailoring brand, Featherstone London alongside husband Craig. ‘I am passionate about slow fashion and reducing consumption. The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters of the planet and we have to take steps to resolve this as a society. Help us make a small but profound change by joining our network and borrow beautiful, rarely worn pieces. Forget the yearly wardrobe cull, if you love it then loan it instead.’

Domenica also has a marketing and advertising degree and is an entrepreneur, having previously owned her own local business too.  Born and raised in St Albans, she is a super organised sh*t hot PA and dedicated lover of luxury fashion. ‘I buy a few very good quality items which I tend to keep forever! I won’t even buy groceries  from the supermarket anymore. I get local fresh produce and use refillable containers to reduce the amount of disposable plastics that we use as a family. I want my kids to grow up being mindful of the environment and that example starts with me.'

Alas there is a much wider, more serious reason for us to exist. The reality is that countless fast fashion retailers take advantage of cheap labour overseas, manufacturing garments with little to no regard for their workers conditions or the negative impact that chemicals and other elements have on them and the environment. To combat this and show our commitment to change we support a number of charities that help minimise the problem of trafficking in supply chains and push for better living standards for factory and garment workers. 


Join Lili today! Let’s make money together, raise money together and as a society, together we can make our mark. We can’t change who actually made your clothes or how, but we can do our bit to support fair standards and help reduce this crazy cycle of consumerism! 

The legal jargon: its boring but important, so please relax, take 10 mins, have a glass of wine and read through our t’s & c’s to understand how our platform works. Whilst the lending contract occurs between individuals, as a third party we protect your garments and help resolve any disputes. Click here for full terms

♡ We Love to see you Lend!



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