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I have been called a marketer’s dream and love fashion, new trends, old ones, quirky ones, I’m a bit all over the place to be honest and believe anything goes! 


I don’t have a particular style. Classic, boho, tailored, utility, 90’s, depending on my mood, will depend on what I wear.


I’ve always liked to look a bit different, but as I got older started looking for more classic options, with the odd trending look here and there.


I now shop sensibly and been doing so for about 20 years, maybe even more. I buy a few pieces a year. Don’t get me wrong, if I like a look I will go out and buy it or make it if I can’t find it, but I generally don’t shop that much at all. I would never say stop shopping to anyone, but I do believe in the capsule wardrobe and will always recycle old clothes. I was always the one to wear the ten year old skirt, which people would laugh at, but I don’t mind wearing old clothes. I feel there’s too pressure in always having a different outfit, which I don’t get and would love for today’s society to be ok with wearing the ten year old dress.



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