Frequently asked questions

How do I get paid?

We process your payments on the 1st of every month using your paypal login. If you have any issues or havent received payment please contact us asap on hello@liliuk.com

What happens if my item gets damaged?

We take a pre-authorised deposit from every borrower to cover the cost of repairing/replacing the item. This amount will be pre-agreed with you before we upload your item live onto our site. We have a number of seamstresses available to us to fix minor repairs which will be charged to the borrower if they havent opted to take out insurance on the item they have loaned.

What if the item doesnt fit / suit me?

That's fine, we understand that not everything you borrow will be exactly to your liking. You are free to return the garment (minus delivery cost £2.50) and wont be charged for the full loan amount as long as our tag remains intact and its returned within the agreed timeframe. You need to contact us asap to agree a pick up date/time for one of our drivers to collect. hello@liliuk.com

How long is my rental for?

We typically allow 7 days to try, borrow and return the item. If you need longer please highlight that when you loan it to make sure no-one else is booked in after you. It is possible to loan an item for more than a week but additional fees will apply daily after the initial 7 day loan period.

Why do you take a pre-authorisation on my credit card?

Just like any other rental, cars or hotels, we only pre-authorise an amount on your card to cover the cost of the item if you fail to return it or damage it. We are the third party between the lender and the borrower and all diputes will be mediated via us to come to an agreeable resolution. As a borrower it is your responsibility to ensure the item you loan is returned in the same condition as you received it. We understand things happen by accident from time to time, and where possible we will strive to fix the item for you at a small cost. You can also try to repair the item yourself if you feel competent enough to do so. You must ensure the item is returned clean and ready for the next borrower please see our T's & C's for full details.

Why do you charge me £2.50 for delivery

The £5 deliver cost is halved between the loaner and the borrower. We use our own delivery drivers to ensure your item is received on time, in perfect condition and direct to your door (Please note that you, or someone nominated by you will have to be available to sign for it). Our drivers also act as third party mediators to resolve any disputes, they will photograph the item on pick up and record all deliveries. So effectively the small delivery cost is your peace of mind knowing that the item left you in perfect condition. We cannot guarantee this using other services so we add this to every order. If you have multiple items we only charge one drop off fee as long as all the items you would like to borrow are available on your nominated delivery date.



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