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We were reading an article about a lady in Bedford, Jennie Bayliss, who started up a Prom dress charity for underprivileged girls to find beautiful dresses for their prom and the idea really resonated with us. We had already been planning to start up LiLi (love it loan it) together as a women’s local dress loaning business and it made sense to also offer a charitable service for Hertfordshire teens too. 


Every girl deserves to have the chance to feel extra special for their prom and although Hertfordshire is generally an affluent area, it’s very expensive even to rent locally. There are still families who really struggle. We want to do something to help.


We are asking anyone who has made their prom over the last few years and wishes to donate or loan their dress to please contact us, so others can also feel as special as you did on your prom day. 


Often a prom dress will sit in a wardrobe never to be worn again. It seems such a shame that others can’t benefit from it. We appeal to every amazing young lady who wishes to participate to please take a picture of your dress and email us the image along with your height and clothing  size to: 


(All loaned outfits will be returned again afterwards). 


We are also looking for local hairdressers/ makeup artists/spray tanners/stylists/photographers willing to volunteer and give up a few hours to help make over these young ladies on their big day to please get in touch too. Your kindness will be remembered forever!


We’re hoping together as a community we can reduce the stress for families around prom season and give all girls a day that they can remember forever without feeling the pressures of having to afford a lavish dress. Social media presents so many additional image and confidence problems for teens today. If your parents can’t afford to buy you a dress, please don’t despair, we understand not everyone has that kind of money. We are here to help, our prom-giving service is completely free and confidential. 


Please get in touch, message or email us at one or the following contacts and our stylists can find you something special you will love!

07775 982036

Facebook messenger: lili loveitloanit

Instagram: loveitloanit


Julie & Domenica x



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