Something old, Something new, Something borrowed...

We dislike like the word old when it comes to clothing, if we have worn something once it’s suddenly this ‘old’ thing. It is very much down to social media behaviours influencing our mindsets. When we are capturing snapshots to post online, we would rather not be seen in the same thing twice. Imagine if we reacted this way with people too, use once then cast aside! We aren’t setting the best example for our children and the next generation.

Fast fashion is predicted to increase by more than 60% by 2030, unless WE do something about it.

Figures show that our buying and consumption has increased by 400% in the last 20 years and 85% of our clothing actually only ends up in landfill. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter of our planet.

It’s up to us collectively, as a society to make a change to our habits when it comes to buying and our perceptions. Your items are only ‘old’ to you as they have been worn before, but to someone different they are ‘new’. Borrowing a dress from a friend gives the same feeling as wearing a new item, it feels special, it is new to you personally because you have never worn it before.

This is why we have created LiLi (love it loan it). There are so many beautiful occasion dresses that people buy and literally wear just once. These items sit in your wardrobe year after year, looked at but unused. A lot of care, attention blood and sweat (quite literally at times) went into each item that arrives in our wardrobes and it deserves more than just one outing.

Our ethos is to reduce fashion industry waste by encouraging consumers to loan beautiful evening wear that is rarely worn, rather than buying new for each event. Together we can help change attitudes to fast fashion culture.

Be a part of our network, take a stand against fast fashion, save yourself money and time (we deliver to your door AND pick up). Let’s work together to reduce our waste, be eco minded and give our dresses and our planet the attention that they deserve.

If you love it then loan it ♡

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