Our Mission

Our ethos is to reduce fashion industry waste by encouraging consumers to loan beautiful evening wear that is rarely worn, rather than buying new for each event. Together we can help change attitudes to fast fashion culture and help save the planet.

Why we exist

The fast fashion industry is producing so much waste. Its impact is second only to oil as the worlds largest polluter.1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 go into the air from garment production which makes up 5% of global emissions. 


The Production of textiles uses 3500 different

chemicals. 92 million tonnes of waste gets

dispersed into rivers, oceans and fresh water

sources amounting to 20% of global water waste. 

85% of our old clothes end up in landfill and

currently only 1% of textile waste is actually truly



40 million people work in the garment industry,

many are exposed to horrific conditions, abuse

and low wages.


Apparel is one of the biggest offenders of Human trafficking and the exploitation of people. 

What can we do?

Fast fashion is predicted to increase by more than 60% by 2030, unless WE do something about it.

We buy double the amount of clothes than we did a decade ago.

  • WE need to change the tide and address OUR shopping habits to prevent fast fashion trends from thriving. 

  • Shop ethically - it’s ok to spend a bit more on that dress if it will last, was made with supply chain transparency and isn't a short term 'disposable' item. PLUS you can always get some of the money back you spent by lending it out too. 

  • Look to second hand and 'loaned' platforms to provide the same feeling as shopping for new clothes. Understanding the psychological aspects of our shopping attitudes and the endorphins it produces. Aim to replicate those through other services.  Although the dress will be borrowed, it will feel like a new dress to the borrower each time.

  • Challenge opinions, society looks at wearing the same clothes as unacceptable. Encouraging eco responsibility on social media platforms to promote and endorse ethical fashion and borrowing trends. Together we can try to change the fast fashion trend.

  • Join borrowing and fashion loving communities, subsequently reducing the world's carbon footprint and waste.

Reducing our carbon footprint is paramount to today’s society. Fast fashion has been the trend for the last 15-20 years or so but we have come full circle and are becoming better educated on the pitfalls of this. The movement has begun to promote re-using clothes and buying vintage, but there is still a lot to do and a lot that can be improved so why not try lending them out, especially as many items we own only get worn for one event. 


Whilst we need the support of Celebrities and influencers to encourage sustainable fashion and forge future trends, as consumers we are actually the most commanding people in the fashion industry. We need to educate ourselves on quality, ethically produced clothing and to shop differently. There is a movement to want to go back to purchasing beautifully made garments that are not binned after one season. World sustainability is our key driver and essential to a cleaner, better future.



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